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Paul Mbugua

Paul Mbugua

Paul Mbugua

Group Managing Director

Eclectics International Ltd

Paul R. Mbugua, Kenyan National, is a well-known personality in the banking industry in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa for his contribution to the banking and ICT strategic forums. He has been instrumental in the introduction and implementation of ICT automation solutions in many banks across Africa.

Paul founded Eclectics International Limited in 2007 with the key focus of provision of affordable, locally made and supported banking automation systems. The mission of the company is to develop best of breed affordable ICT and financial solutions for the African Banking sector to support African custom financial needs. Within 10 years, the company boasts of over 130 youthful employees, 200+ client banks across 23 countries in the continent and growing exponentially.

Paul also offers financial and technical advisory services in the implementation of financial inclusion and financial deepening solutions across Africa. This also includes many different clients who need setting up financial service companies as well as those who need to increase their numbers in customer base and overall profits.

Paul sits in a number of boards across different industries and sectors.