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Branka Mracajac

Branka Mracajac

Branka Mracajac

Chief Executive Officer

9 Payment Service Bank (9PSB)

Branka Mracajac is the CEO of 9 Payment Service Bank (9PSB), Nigeria’s first payment service bank with the mandate to close the financial exclusion gap in Nigeria. She is a seasoned enterprise resource planning expert with 15 years of leadership experience within traditional banking and FinTech industries.

Prior to her appointment by 9PSB, Branka worked in several multinational digital finance organisations, where she was variously accountable for the risk management operations, transformation and go-to-market of the companies and their subsidiaries in 30 markets worldwide, including Russia, India, The Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia, and Balkan region.

With insights into challenges faced in finance ecosystem, Branka’s has a record of accelerating the adoption of digital payments and facilitating financial inclusion in various emerging markets around the world. She is passionate about women’s development and empowerment and believes that financial inclusion is the right of every individual.

Under her leadership, 9PSB has won several awards, including Best New Payment Service Bank in Nigeria by Global Brands Magazine, and Outstanding CEO of a Payment Service Bank in Nigeria – 2022, by the World Business Outlook Awards, amongst others.